The Xero integration must be enabled prior to using it.

Exporting Invoices

After you have created an invoice in Rappora and added line items, select "Export to Xero" in the "•••" menu. You'll be prompted to sign into your Xero account.

Note: Make sure your browser is allowing popups as you sign into Xero through a popup window.

After you sign into Xero, select the "Continue" button in Rappora.

You'll be prompted to choose the Xero contact for this invoice. If you haven't created the contact in Xero yet, go ahead and cancel out of the export and try it again after that contact is in Xero.

You can select a Xero account for each line item, or at the top you can select account defaults for the export.

Exporting Time Sheets

You can export payroll data to Xero if you use Xero Payroll in Australia. To do so, go to the Payroll view, select a pay period and then select an employee.

Step 1: Time Review Payroll

Make sure all time activity has the "Time Reviewed" label. Care notes and custom time activity that don't have the "Time Reviewed" label won't be included in the export.

Step 2: Export to Xero

Select the "Export to Xero" button. Like exporting an invoice, you'll be prompted to log into your Xero account if you haven't logged in within the last 30 minutes.

Once the "Configure Export" modal opens, select the Xero employee and modify the time sheets and reimbursements as necessary.

Step 3: Bulk Label "Exported"

After exporting to Xero, bulk apply the "Exported" care note label so you can keep track of which employee payroll data has made its way to Xero.

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