Once you have set up a PillDrill account and hub, there are a couple ways that you get notified as medications are due, taken and missed.

PillDrill Hub

The PillDrill hub acts as a reminder for your client and their caregiver, should that be a professional or family caregiver. The hub lights up, sounds an alarm and displays what is due. You can configure the alarm volume.

Rappora Notifications

Clinical Supervisors

If you have Clinical Supervisor or Business Admin permissions, you can receive the above notifications through Rappora. Additionally, you can disable any of those notifications that you don't want to receive (e.g. you want to know when medications were missed but not when medications were taken).


As a caregiver, you receive "A Medication is Due Now" notification through Rappora if you are clocked into a shift for that client. Caregivers don't have the ability to turn the notification off.

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