What is PillDrill?

PillDrill is a smart medication tracking system that reminds your clients and caregivers when pills are due, tracks when they've taken them and instantly notifies your team when connected to Rappora.

Do I pay for PillDrill or does my client?

This depends on how you'd like to use PillDrill with your agency. One option is to purchase PillDrills and offer them to clients as a "medication reminder service". Another option is to have your clients purchase PillDrill on their own. The Rappora integration works regardless of how the PillDrills are purchased.

Once connected, we bill you a monthly integration fee, and it's up to you if you want to then invoice your clients for a "medication reminder service" to recover that integration expense.

Can I order extra pill strips?

Each PillDrill hub comes with two pill strips (labelled "1" and "2"), and pill strips "3" through "8" are available for purchase if you have a more complicated medication regimen, or you want to fill more than one week at a time.

The strips are not device-specific and can be used interchangeable, e.g. if you want to use two sets of "1" and "2" with a client. But, if you want to use more than two strips in any given day, we recommend purchasing additional strips to prevent confusion.

Is PillDrill HIPAA-Compliant?

Rappora is a HIPAA-compliant service, and we only share Protected Health Information (PHI) with software vendors that are also HIPAA-compliant with policies and safeguards in place as least as stringent as our Business Associate Agreement (BAA). PillDrill is not a HIPAA-compliant service, so we prevent PHI disclosure through de-identification.

Can I change the PillDrill account name?

When the PillDrill accounts are created, we prevent PHI disclosure by using a random identifier as the PillDrill account name.

You can change the unique identifier to a name, but we urge you to do so with caution to stay within your organization's HIPAA policies. For example, it may suffice to change the PillDrill profile name to "first name last initial", like John D, as the full name is identifiable.

To do so, when viewing the PillDrill account (on app.pilldrill.com after clicking "Manage" from the Rappora Carespace), go to "My Profile" from the top-right menu and change the name form fields. The Rappora <—> PillDrill integration will not be effected by changing this name.

How do I use a PillDrill hub with a new client?

If you are to use a PillDrill hub with a new client, we recommend first disconnecting the hub from WiFi so it's in pairing mode for the next home. Contact us if doing so, and we'll make sure that your Rappora monthly bill accurately reflects your PillDrill use.

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