Step 1: Connect PillDrill from a Rappora Carespace

To start using PillDrill with Rappora, go to the Medications page in a Rappora Carespace and select "Connect". That creates the PillDrill account for that client, that you then manage through PillDrill's web application.

Note: Even though PillDrill is a standalone service with a PillDrill app in the app stores, to use PillDrill with Rappora, the PillDrill accounts must be created from within Rappora. You won't need to use the PillDrill app as all medication notifications are delivered through your Rappora account.

Step 2: Launch the PillDrill web application

If you have Office Staff user permissions or greater, selecting the "Manage" button will open the PillDrill web application in a new window and auto-authenticate so you will never need to log into PillDrill.

Step 3: Configure pill strip and medication reminders

You can now configure PillDrill when you're viewing the PillDrill web application. From here you can set alarms for the pill strips and pods, including any dose windows. If you're using scanning tags for non-pill medications like an inhaler, add the medication here as well if you want to schedule an alarm or let your client track intake as-needed.

Note: PillDrill is a reminder system, not a full medication profile form. If you have your own medication profile forms, we recommend that you upload them as PDFs in the Carespace > Documents view.

Step 4: View pill strip and scanning tag reminders

Return to Rappora and click the "Refresh" button to see the newest data from PillDrill. This page is visible to caregivers so they can reference the medication schedule while working their shifts.

Step 5: Plug in the hub and connect to Wi-Fi

The final step is turning on the PillDrill hub, and we recommend doing that after you have completed the above steps. We also recommend waiting to set up the PillDrill hub until you are at your client's place of residence so the hub is in pairing mode.

The PillDrill hub requires an internet connection, and you'll need access to their wireless network. Once on their network using an internet-connected device (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop), launch the PillDrill web application (step 2), and go to the Hub Status page to set up the hub and get it online.

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