There is no one right way to get started with your new Rappora account, but we find the following most successful. There are two primary tasks that can happen in no particular order (caregiver training and Carespace creation) and then you can set your schedules that coincide with your first official day of Rappora shifts.

1) Invite Office Staff

This is a great place to start, so your office team can get comfortable with Rappora prior to onboarding caregivers. Go ahead and create a test Carespace with a plan of care and care tasks that resemble your average client and caregiving services. This test Carespace can then be used for caregiver training.

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2A) Caregiver Training

You can send caregivers invitations by email for self-signup, but it is most effective to train your caregivers in person, in groups if possible. The joining an organization collection outlines how to sign up and download the app. We also provide a downloadable caregiver signup PDF to print and distribute during the training sessions.

After caregivers have used the signup link and verified their email addresses, and after you have approved them into your business's account, assign them to a shift for the test client so they can leave the training session fully knowing how to use Rappora.

Let's say you are training 10 caregivers at once. It works well to create 10 shifts for that test client prior to the training session, with no assigned caregivers yet. Then, as each caregiver has signed up, assign them to a shift so they get the notification of the upcoming shift, can clock in and work the sample shift.

Because the test client's plan of care and care tasks resemble what the caregivers will normally see, they will be very comfortable with Rappora prior to their first shift.

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2B) Carespace Creation

A Carespace needs to be created for each of your clients prior to using Rappora with your caregivers. Only users with Clinical Supervisor permissions can set the care plans and care tasks.

If you have multiple Clinical Supervisors, you should internally document how you want populate the care plans so that they are consistent among all clients.

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3) Determine First Day of Shifts

You can incrementally start to use Rappora with your caregivers or have all caregivers start on the same day. Depending on the size of your business, we recommend starting all at once so you don't have to track who is and isn't using Rappora for their shifts. Make sure to choose a "go live" date after all caregivers have accounts and after all Carespaces have been created.

4) Create Schedules

Once you know your "go live" date, create schedules that start on that date. Doing so will prevent unnecessary missed shifts prior to that date.

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